Together They Drive Me Insane!

“Stop being so mean!”
“Noooooo, leee me alooo!”
“I can’t take it anymore, you giving me a headache!” BANG, slams the door in her face!
“Naaaaaaah! NAAAAAH!” As she pulls on the door handle, “Kaaaaaaaaiiiiii Oooopeeeeen!”

Aargghhh, they at it, non stop! Kai and Faith; they freaking driving me insane! The bickering, the door slamming, the crying, the messing, the fighting and did I mention crying?

Darnit, the first day was okay, but then with each passing day the tension escalates. ESCALATES!

I took them to the cinema this morning. Once in the theatre, Kai became so annoyed because Faith started eating the popcorn BEFORE the movie started. Then when the movie started, Faith wanted to know if she could go play, and every ten minutes, “Von, I go play now?!” and Kai, “Shhh Faith, just be quiet!!”

It was the longest 90 minutes of my life!!

Then, later on the beach, they played nicely for 10 minutes before moving away to their own space on the beach.

After spending almost two hours on the beach, I picked up Faith’s boots. My biggest mistake of the day! She child screamed blue murder while clenching her fists around the sand in her hand. “Nooooooo. I stay! NAAARRGGGHHH. NOT GO HOME!” Like a freaking deranged animal in the wild, really, I kid you not!!!

All the while, my son just can’t deal! “Mom, I’m telling you now, I’m not going to wait one more minute longer! I’ve had it! Every time I must wait for Faith! I just want to go home now! Why is she screaming like that!!!”

And this is when I start hoping and praying that Kai maintains his calm. He’s had to “manage” an enormous amount overload today! There were times when his frustration with his cousin drove him to tears of intolerance! Times where he nearly went for her in his fleeting bursts of irritation, anger and impatience! She’s been all up in his space, she’s moved his parked cars, she’s damaged his cars, she made a noise while he tried to enjoy the movie, she picked up stones while we sat waiting for the train, she touched his boots when they sat next to each other, she talked when he didn’t want to hear her voice, she walked to slow, she walked to fast, etc. etc. etc.

Fortunately, he maintained his cool as we walked along the beach with a screaming 4 year old…”Mom, what’s wrong with Faith!”. “Well Kai, this is how you also carry on sometimes…”

It’s been 8 days of mayhem! I write this as she sleeps under the desk, her favourite spot when she is tired. Maybe she will sleep until tomorrow morning, or is this wishful thinking??

At least now Kai can have some quiet time and I can have some peace…

It is a real treat when Faith visits, but unfortunately, Kai can only handle having Faith in his space for two days, max. The best time of the day for these two is when it is bed time and both are tired and cuddly, or in the morning when Kai wakes up before her.


Kai, asking Faith to be quiet as we walk in the mall. “Mom I can’t hear anything when Faith talks so much!”