The Plan In My Head

I had it all planned; in my head. Today we would go to the local mall for the first time this year!

I would convince him that going to the cinema for R200 is way too expensive. I would suggest that I give him R150 to buy himself some clothes. His voice, after all, has been echoing in my head for some time now, “Mom, when are we going clothes shopping for me? You’ve not bought me any new clothes for a long time…”

He would obviously think this a great idea, way better than the cinema! Especially since part of my plan was to go to the library to choose some movies for the long weekend (and some books).

At the mall he fuss about how expensive clothes are and we raid the kiddies areas in Jet, Mr. Price, Ackermans, Edgars, Woolworths – no not Woolworths, too expensive, Pep and Pick n Pay Clothing. Once he’s decided on his purchase, I would stand aside, while he stood in the queue, waiting to make the payment. Then he would walk out proudly, receipt in hand, clutching the store branded plastic bag; his brand new clothes!

We would then pop in to MacDonalds for a Happy Meal, before waiting in line for the next taxi to arrive.

Once home, he would excitedly fit on his new clothes before carefully packing it away.

This, my plan in my head while my son dressed himself this morning.

Wearing his jeans and long sleeve pyjama top underneath his fancy short sleeve shirt, looking all funky and ready for our mall outing. An outing that I’m yet to tell him about.

After fixing his hair and helping him with his shoes, he runs off happily. “Bye mom! I’m spending the day with Pa and Ma!”