A Rough Week

This has really been a rough week. Back to school, dealing with terribly draining meltdowns and a demanding week at work.

Added to this one of the homeless people we work with sadly passed away, leaving behind a void in the other destitute people.  There is much to be said when you see a group of grown homeless men, cry; broken. Their vulnerability etched in the wrinkles on their faces, having to accept that they may as well not exist…when members of the public ignored their request for assistance, whilst their friend struggled with many seizures on a number of sidewalks, before succumbing to his illness.

I find myself asking many questions about society and human nature. Earlier this week I published a post, that I wrote a very long time ago, Living a Life Worth Loving, evidence of the harsh realities we live with, but also reflecting the ability of the human spirit to triumph.

An early morning walk on the beach was what I needed to drown out the emotionally draining week I’ve had. The parenting challenges, the demands at work, the loss of a humorous man whose family only made their presence known the day he died. Embracing my imperfections and accepting that without the bad, the ugly, the downright horrors, we will not be able to recognise the beauty, strength and hope that is all around us.

Sitting on the beach this morning, listening to the seagulls, watching them land with grace against the light breeze, I was reminded that in life we always have a choice, always….Some events may not be in our control, but our response is a choice, a choice that only we can make.

Listening to the waves I was reminded that we are all intricate beings and whilst we may be surrounded by a myriad of challenges every day, it is still the choices we make that will dictate the quality of our lives.

Looking at the mountains across the bay, I choose to look at the bright side, to create my own happiness and embrace life’s challenges, focussing on the solutions and not the problems.