Sunday Morning Spider Webs

We woke up to a very misty morning, the perfect wIMG-20150412-01449eather for a bike ride at the wetlands. Arriving at the wetlands I could barely see Kai in front of me as he rode over the bridge!

The wetlands was alive with the sounds of animals moving in the reeds. We observed tell tale signs where a Cape Clawless Otter may moved across the rehabilitated plains. Tiny holes peeked at us between dense shrubs leaving us to wonder which animal inhabited this black hole!

Moving along the bridge we could hear birds, but the mist was too thick to spot any. What enchanted us most were the hunderds of spider webs. They were everywhere! In the trees, on the ground, across paths, everywhere! Some webs had spiders and dead insects. I only had the courage to photograph one web with a spider in it…the other spiders were a bit scary. Some spider webs were huge, with strands of silk extending across various points to form another spider web.

This morning the wetlands transformed into mystical valley. Veiled in dense mist with various shades of green indigenous plant vegetation adorned by dewy spider webs! What a magical morning!