Pickled Fish

My family suck at cooking! My mom is an okay cook, and usually we are extremely cautious whenever she tries something new in the kitchen…

Many years ago she tried making pickled fish. It was a disaster! It looked like dirty water and tasted strange to say the least. We chucked it!

So, imagine my alarm, when I arrived home last night to find her cooking away in the kitchen. Pickled fish! My dad and I just gave each other “the” look…dreading the end product that we would have to eat.

And so, Good Friday has arrived, and at 2pm I find myself home alone and not quite sure why my parents never ate the pickled fish this. “Sort yourself out” was my mom’s response when I asked her what’s for lunch…Surely she would have told me to eat the pickled fish if it was “okay”?

Being the laziest person on the planet when it comes to cooking, I decided to settle for toast, but damn it, all we have is hot cross buns that won’t fit in the toaster and I don’t quite know if it’s “safe” to toast it in the oven…

Peeking in the fridge, I found myself staring at the pickled fish…my hands, bravely lifting the dish from the shelf in the fridge and placing it on the counter. Suspiciously staring at the dish, I wearily scooped two spoons in a bowl and buttered a hot cross bun.

“I’m about to eat mom’s pickled fish, so if you arrive home and I’m very very sick then you must know it’s the pickled fish that I’m about to eat!” Read the text message I sent my dad. “Ok” was his reply.

I sat down on the chair, still not sure if I should take the risk, but flip I was starving and didn’t think my body could stand another marshmallow Easter egg!

With a trembling hand, I lifted the small onion ring to my tight lipped mouth. Surviving the onion, I daringly forced a tiny piece of fish with onions into my mouth, I chewed and swallowed. I waited, and waited. Then when nothing happened I grew bolder and ate a spoonful of pickled fish… I chewed really slowly, waiting for my insides to do a sickening jive while my guts got ready to explode! I waited, counted to fifteen. Nothing! Nada! Niks!

Soon I found myself savouring the delicately spicy aromas and flaky yet smooth firm texture of the fish and onions. Delicious! Absofreakinglutely delicious!

Whatever my mom did, she did it right! By far the best pickled fish ever! Three spoons later and the taste still lingers in my mouth. I am tempted to eat a decent helping, but think I will wait for parents and son to get back home, then we can all enjoy this momentous achievement together!

Well done mom! Your very first edible home cooked pickled fish! Thank you 🙂