Our Morning in Muizenberg

“Mom my body’s feeling the beat, I can’t stop moving” says my son while grooving on the sidewalk, cheering the Two Ocean Marathon runners on. “Oh my word, this DJ is awesome!” This, outside Slow Life, where they had a lekker festive set-up to cheer the runners on.

What a wonderful way to start my Saturday morning in Muizenberg with my son!

After jiving and cheering for a bit, we moved on to the beachfront where my son tried out the new outdoor gym equipment. He’s enthusiasm was so infectious that I could not stop myself, but join in on the “workout”.


A strenuous workout!

On the first Saturday of the month we usually join the Fish Hoek beach clean-up, but today we supported Muizenberg. I was pleasantly surprised by the turn-out. We were a group of about eight volunteers and six homeless people who participates in the weekend street cleaning programme managed by the Muizenberg Improvement District.

Cape Town Tourism also supported the clean-up even though they arrived at a bit late. You see, all Clean C’s beach clean-ups starts at 10am with the exception of the Deep South area where we early birds start at 9am 🙂

We collected 5 bags of litter and I really hope that the Muizenberg community support and enthusiasm will continue to grow.

After the clean-up my son and I played “follow the leader” and he took me on a  tour of the beachfront, an area which I happen to frequent almost everyday! He thought it hilarious that he’s showing me all the places that I already know…he’s funny like that, really he is!!

For our mom-son date I took him to one of my favorite spots in Muizenberg, Tiger’s Milk. He was absolutely blown away by the mounted motorbike and kept asking me if he could ride on it, as if!


Waiting for the “bestest ever” coconut milkshake.

“This is the bestest ever coconut milkshake mom!” He thinks Tiger’s Milk is pretty awesome, and well, he has great taste. There is a vibrancy in the air. The staff are hip and on top of things. My son can be very fussy, and for him to sit at a table with me for 45 minutes is quite a feat! He talked and talked and talked! I listened, soaked it all up and just loved it!

Listening to him draw comparisons between his cousin Faith (3 years old) and her cousin Storm (2 years old) made me realise how extensive his language comprehension is and how observant he is, picking up subtle differences between the two girls.

Then he started spinning the serving board on the table, became fidgety, stood up and started moving and pushing himself up on the table… my queue, he needed to move and our “date” was over.

A great morning! A jol with the runners on the side of the road, a beach clean-up with some legends and a date with my son where I did all the listening and most of the eating!

A great morning indeed 🙂