In Need of Some Zzzzz

I’ve not posted any blogs in a while. Guess I’ve just been too drained to log on and post!

Right now I’m sitting in the OT waiting room, 551556_1097501870275491_4000081779823266000_nmy intention was to participate today, but instead I find myself struggling to keep my eyes open, fighting off the urge to wrap my arms around this inviting red pillow, the perfect size to rest my head on for a nap!

Just getting a smile out while walking my son to OT took considerable effort. I hoped, at least, that my eyes were smiling! Poor child, I felt really bad!

Taking strain at work, running out of memory and patience. Any excuse to have a coffee or get out of the office.

The thought of homework…mmm, homework, will have to rely on my reserves and aim for lights out by 8pm!

My head aches! My shoulders hurt, my feet are sore and we still have to make a stop at the shop on our way home. It is 4:30pm and it feels as if my day is only REALLY starting now.

Participating in OT will have to be arranged for next week when I have more energy reserves!

I gave in to my urge and wrapped my arms around the comfy red pillow and had a quick nap in the OT waiting room! Thirty minutes later I woke up to the OT’s voice “well done Kai, that’s good…”