Bean Cooking!

Those of you who know me really well will know that I don’t do the domestic thing. I’m just not wired that way.

So imagine me in the kitchen! A day ago I burned our dishcloth on the stove while checking the oats! I mean who does that? Why even have a dishcloth ON the stove!

Anyway, I decided to COOK a few weeks ago. Mom wasn’t feeling too well and I was starving!

I kept checking on her, hoping that she’d get up and make dinner (I know, I suck!). But she just slept, and at 7pm my grumbling stomach forced me to head into the dreaded kitchen!

I took out a tin of four beans, chicken, onions and pasta!Pasta is just about the only thing I know how to cook. It’s easy-peezy! I sautéed the onions, steamed the chicken, cooked the pasta and HAD NO FREAKING CLUE as to how to prepare the four beans!

I quickly tore off the branding, convinced that I would findsome sort of cooking instructions on the back. NOTHING! I mean really now? I didn’t know if the beans needed to be cooked, boiled, steamed, fried or if it was raw. I honestly didn’t have a clue.
I called my dad and he also didn’t know how to prepare canned four beans!

I shared my dilemma on Facebook, but by the time a friendresponded I’d already decided to just “chuck” everything in a pan (sautéed onions, steamed chicken, cooked pasta AND the four beans). Then to add some “flavour” I scooped in some marmite (my dad convinced me that it will taste good) and added ALL the spices I could find in the kitchen!
Then my mom woke up and she was horrified to find me in the kitchen. She flipped her lid because I didn’t have a clue and the supper looked like something scooped up from the wetlands. Mud with bits of chicken and beans floating around!

We were all hungry so we ate it…my son loved it because, well, I cooked it!

The meal was interesting to say the least. I still don’t know what the whole four beans thing is about, don’t even think you suppose to cook canned four beans; don’t even know why we had it in the kitchen in the first place!