Arrogant Cyclist!

I’ve always been very “defensive” when people complain about cyclist, always indicating that it is usually the minority that gives cyclist such a bad rap!

However, I am so gatvol of these arrogant cyclists who ride through red robots; not giving pedestrians a chance to cross the road while the man is green! These cyclists who ride 5 abreast, sometimes bringing traffic to a standstill!

I am gatvol of the “I own the road” mentality. Speeding down the middle of the road at the “Stop/Go” system in Muizenberg Main Road during roadworks.

Just this morning whilst sitting at the Stop/Go heading towards Muizenberg a group of cyclist came speeding down the middle of the road, terrifyingly they managed to “escape” a head on collision with a taxi!

Then as we get the “Go” to move, more cyclist continue to ride on the right hand side of the road, arrogantly demanding that vehicle driver’s allow them access to move to the left hand side of the road!

As we continue to drive, the road narrowed (road works, hence the “stop/go”) and this one cyclist, on the right hand side of the road heading in the same direction as us, just assumed that drivers will give him the “right of way” knowing that he is completely disregarding ALL the RULES of the road!

My dad hooted at him, a warning that he should NOT try and squeeze his way accross the road in front of moving vehicle. His response was to shout arrogantly and demand “JUST GIVE ME A BREAK!” My dad replied; “hey, you on the wrong side of the road, you need to wait” The reply from the cyclist? “YOU A Fuc$&%# IDIOT!”

I mean really now? Cyclist? Watch your freaking mouth! image

You showed an absolute disregard for ALL road users by placing your own and others’ lives at risk.  You try and force your way through traffic in the middle of the road AND continue to ride on the wrong side of the road! You swear at law abiding drivers with young children in their vehicles!

I am just so gatvol of your “I’m the king of the road” attitude.

Here in the Deep South, we all need to practice some patience, wait at stop/go’s for minutes on end. Drive with extreme caution on narrow roads. Then you come along and expect everyone to just ALLOW you to do as YOU please?

Don’t be surprised if some driver opens up his door to your kneecaps the next time your arrogant ass puts everyone’s lives at risk! You the type of cyclist that gives all other rule obeying cyclist a bad rap sheet AND result in driver’s loosing their patience and courtesy on the road!