Kids Interviews: Featuring Kai

I’ve been working on a blog post for some time now, but just don’t have enough darn things that kids say! So, I decided to interview some kids.

I prepared my list of questions and 10404513_1062467730445572_2631762544072758126_nthen put them to my son, Kai. He happily obliged and even wanted to know who would ask such silly questions! Only after the “interview” did I tell him about my idea and he was quite happy to be the first one to be featured on my blog.

Here goes, interview with Kai, Grade 2 student at Fish Hoek Primary School. Avid cyclist and his mom’s four seasons in a day!

How old are you? 7

How old do you wish you were right now and why? 23, then I’m an adult and have my own car.

Do you go to school? Yes.

What do you like about school most? Friends.

What is your favourite day of the week and why? Saturday, then I don’t have any school work.

If you were a superhero, which one would you be and why? Superman, because he’s awesome and the looks and powers.

Do your pick your nose? Arggh, yes.

If you do, do you eat your boogers and why? I’m not answering…

Do you laugh when you fart and why? No!

How often do you brush your teeth? I don’t know, I never count.

Do you have a wobbly tooth right now? Yes, but it’s been wobbly for two months already, and some of my other teeth took like three weeks to fall out.

What should the tooth fairy bring you when your tooth falls out? R5 000 000.

What is your favourite word? Bike or Car.

What annoys you? Nothing.

What makes you laugh so hard that you feel your guts will come out? Nothing, strange questions!!

Do you pull funny faces of yourself in the mirror? No?

If your mom was a superhero which one do you think she would be and why? I don’t know okay?

If you look at your toenails right now. Are they short and clean and why/why not? Short and clean.

Do you eat garden snails and how do they taste? No ways!!

What’s your favourite colour? Dark grey, light blue, yellow.

Ask your mom to spray your hair or paint your face that colour for Saturday, what was her answer? Yes, yellow hair spray.

What did you think of these questions? It’s so silly!

Do you know a child aged 4 to 12 who would like to answer some questions for my blog?