Dear Mom

I know we don’t always get along, ek is mos maar iewe-wys soos ma sal sê! Maar vandag wil ek net vir ma baie dankie sê vir alles wat ma doen!

Dinge is nie altyd soos dit lyk op die oppervlak nie. Ma is maar altyd daar, my 24/7 back-up! You’ve always been there no matter what!

You’ve worked extremely long hours to put food on the table, sometimes taking on 24hour shifts to make sure your two kids were fed and clothed. I may not have a memory of you as a child growing up, but I do know that you were there. Literally working yourself to the ground, for us, your family.

Ek hoef nie te worry oor my kind nie, want ek weet ma is10403672_1055440731148272_2785192650793663293_n maar net a phone-call away if I’m running late. Early meetings or workshops, I know I can count on you to stand in for me. I also know how excessively demanding and challenging (emotionally and physically) it can be to look after my child and I appreciate your patience and restraint. Few people know him as well as you do!

You’ve stepped into my role as a mother when I needed you at Carel du Toit, attending parent guidance and sitting in on OT sessions. You’ve stepped into my role at primary school, attending special occasions when I couldn’t. You are the one who ensures my son gets to OT and are prepared to stand in for me at Speech and Language therapy no matter how difficult it may be. Some days your health is not that great, but still you are there.

Daar is maar min mense wat kan sê hulle het hul ma se support 100%!

You’ve extended yourself beyond my expectations; reading “Understanding my Child’s Sensory World” to better understand my son and his challenges. Your comment “hoe meer ek die boek lees, hoe meer sien ek vir Kai” really touched me. It gave me the affirmation that I needed.

I may not have the riches of the world to give you what your heart desires, but I do have gratitude for everything that you do. I want you to know that you are the best mother that you can be, and that you are by far the greatest Grandmother in the universe.

Thank you for accepting me for who I am and for supporting me in everything I do.

We love you and we appreciate you! THANK YOU!