Bring It On!

I woke up this morning AMPED and ready for the new school year.

This, after damning the stationery to hell and baIMG-20150118-00507ck over the weekend! I mean really, school should send out instructions with the stationery list and it should read, “MARK EVERYTHING, means, MARK EVERYTHING; not just the box of pencils, but each individual pencil!” So NOT what I expected it to be! Three days later, and everything is marked.

I went through my final back to school check list last night and this morning (worked until 7pm today!):

Molds clean – check
New hearing aid stickers  – check
Extra hearing aid batteries – check
Test FM – check
Check that FM batteries still charge – check
Get rid of faulty FM batteries – check
Charge extra FM batteries – check
Meet with teacher day before school start – check
Son to show teacher how FM works and test it in class – check
Look at seating options – check
Inform teacher of appointments next week – check
Schedule follow up meeting for next week – check
Mark uniform and put it out for tomorrow – check
The “perfect” pair of grey socks (leave for tomorrow morning) – UNCHECK
Make sure everything is in one place – check
Ask mom to remind Kai to read a book to her today (book on the table) – check
Ask mom to please bath Kai before 6pm – check
Haircut. Sherbet! MUST REMEMBER to sort this out over the weekend – UNCHECK
Confirm OT slot (follow up tomorrow) – UNCHECK

Now that I’ve come to terms with the fact that the holiday is over, I’m not as anxious as I was a few days ago. I know a lot has to do with the wonderful Gr.2 teacher we have this year. She’s already been very accommodating, meeting with us a day before the school starts. This has become part of our new school year routine; it really helps!

After slaving away behind, many cappuccinos and meeting later, I arrived home this evening to find an excited little boy “Mom, I don’t know why, but all of a sudden I feel so excited to go to school tomorrow! Strange hey?” To which I replied: “Well of course it is exciting! You going to Gr.2, you will see all your friends tomorrow, your teacher is lovely and school is fun!”

My “no phone” rule was enforced until 8pm this evening. Which meant that I had an hour of no distractions. We chatted about our day, I read a few pages of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and he fell asleep at 8pm.

Not too bad for a first school night. Not bad at all.

BRING IT ON! Grade 2 I am so ready for whatever adventure you have in store for us this year!