Boy Things

There’s so many things I wish I could do with you…take you fishing, camping, insect hunting…the kind of things I assume boys do as they grow up.

Instead I take you for walks on the beach, long bike rides and have interesting chats with you.

Instead I take you to pick up litter, play hopscotch in the sand and admire our beautiful landscapes and listen to the early morning chirping of the birds.

There’s so many “boy” things I want to do with you. But heck, what do I know about boy things.

Instead I took you to join Nippers and told you stories about your surfer father to help you overcome your fear of the sharks after you heard Ma recall a shark attack a few years back.

I had to quickly learn the rugby supporter lingo whilst standing on the side-lines cheering you on at your first rugby game. What do I know about guys rolling in mud, chasing balls and scrums?

There’s so many things that I am yet to learn as you grow older. Boy things.

What I can say is that soon we will hunt for insects and use them as bait when we go fishing. We’ll make a rod and hit the wetlands and see what happens. We’ll soon go camping in our lounge and pretend to jump over rivers crawling with crocodiles and keep wild animals at bay by lighting a pretend “torch” fire.

All these things I want to do with you may not be in reach, but that does not stop us from imagining and creating our own unique experiences.

With you, life is never dull. With you, each moment is filled with adventure and an opportunity to imagine!