Friendships, Ramps & Ice-Cream

The anticipation and excitement have been building up for days! Finally THE morning dawned with an explosive “when is Alexander coming?” “When is it 9  O’Clock?”

Sitting at his lookout post in the lounge, watching over the parking lot with great impatience! Waiting!

Kai’s not seen his friend in months,IMG-20150109-00470 the first friend he made at the age of two, inseparable during the first couple of years at pre-school!  Both boys have been at different schools since grade R and still their friendship continues to grow and astound me.

They greet each other with such enthusiasm, you can see these mates have lots of catching up to do!! 9 am to 3:30 pm is just not enough time!!

Together they transformed the lounge into a tented space! The bedroom into an OT zone and the passage, their bike ramp!

At the Spur they choose their own tables and prefer to sit on their own. Independence! These old souls, a table to themselves, like old school friends, they confidently place their orders with their waiter while chatting away in between play breaks in the kids area!

Their conversation throughout the day has been interesting to say the least. It’s been non stop chitter chatter!

No issues, no arguments, just good old friends, laughter, ice-cream and funny kitchen concoctions, finding treasures and a good old catch up!

These are the treasures of childhood and parenting! Watching good friends play, watching them grow into these awesome little people, independent and unique!