SA Education System – The Breeding Ground of Inequality

With the 2014 matric results revealing a decline in the pass rate, even though students only need to pass 3 subjects with 40% and another 3 with 30 %, I shudder to think about the future of our country!

This a clear sign that our government applause mediocrity, while the education system breeds inequality!

We have such disparity between the government schools across our country. In poor communities we have free education that unfortunately also seem to equate a drop in the quality of  education. Then you have the school zoning system, which basically prevents you from sending your child to a better, more expensive government school with more resources and greater subject choice, because you do not live within that schools feeder zone (even if you can afford the high fees)!

This obviously perpetuates the current situation in our country, poor kids, poor education, poor future prospects…the crippling cycle continues! Whilst children growing up in middle class communities have access to more opportunity (at a higher cost of course!), but the opportunity is there for them to have a better chance in life to succeed.

I am of the very strong opinion that our government is failing to recognise their inadequacy! Can they not see that in order to build this nation they need to invest in educating our children; these our community leaders; our future change agents? Can the government not see that they are the current breeders of inequality??

Why can they not offer a student at a school in a disadvantaged community such as Ocean View, Hanover Park, Bonteheuwel, etc. the very same quality education that a student at a school in middle class community such as Fish Hoek, Edgemead, Durbanville, etc. may receive? Instead, they build Nkandla and to hell with the rest!

Then there is the mediocre requirements of 30% and 40% achievement in order to pass! This, my dear leaders of South Africa, is NOT encouraging kids to achieve their potential! It only encourages kids to give their minimum! Is it that you, dear leaders of South Africa, have no confidence in the ability of our kids, our families, our educators and our communities?

With the abolishment of Apartheid, we were given the opportunity to create an equal society. It’s been more than two decades and the government has failed! Don’t blame Apartheid when our kids are unemployed, poorly educated with a bleak future. Blame the current government, the government of a free and equal South Africa.

To those who passed matric 2014, congratulations! To those who did not make it; it is not the end of the road, you can re-write/look at alternative opportunities. Most importantly, do not allow your circumstances to dictate your potential and your ability to achieve the impossible!

To the matric class of 2015, DO NOT fall into the trap of mediocre achievement. The education department wants 30%, give them 60%; they wants 40%, give them 80%! Show them that you are capable of exceeding their very limited and minimal expectations! Do it for yourself and do it for the future of this country!

I know that there are more factors to consider when looking at the future of our country…and how our children are being failed time and time again by social development, the justice system, and many more!

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