When I Grow Old

When I grow old I honestly want to 10367169_918308178194862_7285797620457494071_nbe like the Early Morning Fish Hoek Swimmers! On any given morning between 6 am and 8 am you will find them (a group of elderly people) sitting on THE bench, getting ready to start their day. They are there no matter what the weather. They are, a Fish Hoek institution.

I remember looking out for these early morning swimmers every single morning on-route to school as a teenager. Now I see them up close whenever I go down to the beach for an early morning walk or bike ride with my son. They always seem to be in such good spirits…I always feel so inspired whenever I look at them.

Now, sitting here, listening to the wind and watching the beautiful mountain view from my lounge window, I can’t help but imagine myself growing old…

I aspire to be an early morning Fish Hoek swimmer! I see myself strutting my stuff in a one-piece swimming costume, my cellulite now covered by wrinkly skin, my boobs further south and my hair a black-grey mass of curls, my sight long gone – I almost blindly head into the ocean, my morning routine, my haven from the wicked world!

Heading back to my bench where I duly left my morning slippers and pink beach robe I am greeted by a warm cup of coffee or wait, let’s make that an earl grey tea – compliments of the local beach restaurant, for all their early morning swimmers.

Feeling refreshed, warm cup of tea in hand, I start chatting to another early morning swimmer and reminisce about those who have gone before us. Those who made us aspire to become the early morning swimmers we are today. We talk about our children and how they’ve grown up and how we look forward to their weekend visits. We unknowingly smile at the sight of small children building sand castles as memories of our own childhood flash through our thoughts…

This my aspiration for when I grow old. I slowly walk to the showers, designated for the early morning elderly swimmers, I rinse the salty sea water off my wrinkly body and admire my nicely manicured nails – compliments from my son, now an independent adult!

I slowly make my way  to THE bench, cover myself up with my pink beach robe, slip my feet into my morning slippers and walk towards my car. Ready to spend the day behind a book, working on Decibels of Love and writing away on my blog – ChevsLife, now an elderly lady with a lifetime of stories to tell!

Sitting here, my thoughts adrift with my very uncomplicated aspiration of what my life should be like when I grow old, grey and wrinkly!