Uniquely Fish Hoek – RIP Birdman

As the sun rise,
leaving only footprints,
we walk along the water’s edge.
From the fishing boat to the rocky corner,
leaving only footprints as the ocean caress toes.

Suddenly birds start flocking
A faded beach bench becomes a place of strange fantasy
Like watching a scene from an enchanted movie,
Man and bird becomes one…

Perched in his hands, on his arms, his feet, his head
Uniquely Fish Hoek,
Man and bird becomes one.

Leaving only foot prints,
we walk towards this enchanted scene, transfixed
Man and bird becomes one.
My son, overwhelmed by all this flutter

We watch from a distance,
We sense the respect, the love, compassion and generosity,
Man and bird becomes one

Serenity envelopes this enchanted sight
Uniquely Fish Hoek
From a distance we find delight
A sight so precious, no bird dare take flight

Leaving only footprints
Uniquely Fish Hoek
Where man and bird becomes one.
We bid farewell to Rene,
We see you soar on the wings of your birds
We see your spirit with each sunrise.

Uniquely Fish Hoek
Leaving only footprints
Sprinkled with memories of enchanted mornings,
Where man and bird becomes one…