Phonics is a …ch!

I had a very quick chat with my son’s teacher earlier today “please focus on ‘ch’ sounds at home…”

So this evening, while he’s relaxing in the bath, we start chatting about our day and somehow (something you become really good at after 3 years of speech & language therapy sessions and parent guidance at the Carel du Toit Centre!) we start “focusing” on the ‘ch’ sound.

Our conversation just magically progressed into homework, without him even realising it!

“Ah, my day was a bit rushed. I had so much to do and I had to cat’ch’ an earlier train…” – I emphase the ‘ch’ and then “this is so lovely, ‘ch’atting to you and cat’ch’ing up”.

Splash, splash, splash – he plays in the bath, “please don’t splash like that, I’m getting soaking wet”, giggles and more splashing”. “Is splash a ‘ch’ sound?” I repeat splash, ch, ch, ch – “splach, splash, splash” he says to himself. “No way! Splash is ‘sh’ not ‘ch’. ‘Ch’ildren’ starts with a ‘ch’ and ‘ch’atting and cat’ch’ ends with a ‘ch’ sound. Hey mommy?”.

And so our conversation about our day continues and we talking about a cricket mat’ch and some rhyming and I say “bat’ch’ ends with a ‘ch’ as well!” To which he replies, “BIT’CH’, yes, mommy, BIT’CH’ ends with a ‘ch’ sound!”

“Whoa!” I paused for a second compose myself lol…”Yes, you are right, bit’ch’ ends with a ‘ch’ sound, and did you know that bit’ch’ is what we call a female dog”

“Mommy, when I grow up will my surname still be Petersen”, “yes, unless you want to change it” – and this the end of ‘ch’!

Tonight, unaided ears equalled a new word to my 7 year old’s vocab! Bitch!