Santa is THE MAN!

My son, like many other children, is besotted with Santa Claus. He already dictated his letter to Santa, to me a few months ago, long before his 7th birthday in July! This letter I duly typed and saved on my phone…

Last week, in the midst of preparing for bedtime, he asks “mommy, do you still have my letter that you typed for Santa? Can we send it to him now?” In the spirit of Festive Season with the hope to also veer off the topic of whether or not Santa will bring him a Tablet (I know! Kids have expensive taste!), I quickly refer to my saved items, holding all thumbs and toes that I’ve not deleted the all important letter!

After searching through a number of notes on my phone I finally found the one for ‘Santa’s Attention’. After reading the letter we both agreed to rather send the letter to Santa via email, especially considering that we risk the letter not making it to the North Pole via snail mail (especially when considering the recent postal service strike).

I basically thumb-sucked the email address, and really hoped that the universe will pull together all its resources and magically reply to our email! We clicked the sent button on the 29th October 2014…read below…
—–Original message—–



Oct 29 at 7:51 PM

Dear Santa,

Please Santa Claus I want a white tablet because I like them and they can charge and they are proper tablets and it keeps a child busy. You can also download racing games and listen to music and soccer games. I will also play maths games on it and it will help me with maths. Thank you Father Christmas. But I would also like a light blue cover for the tablet. If you don’t have the tools to make it then you can give me R400. I won’t just spend the R400 so easily, I will think very carefully about how I will spend it. Thank you.

Kai Petersen
7 years old, and 50/50 split naughty and nice, BUT 150% hard worker at school, kind and helpful.

Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

Imagine my absolute awe when the magic of Christmas touched us a day later, as I tucked Kai into bed, an email comes through on my phone, FLIPPEN SANTA CLAUS!! Below is the email reply we got from Mr.Claus.

—–Original message—–



Oct 30 at 7:16 PM

Merry Christmas!!

Thank you for the email message — everyone here at the North Pole loves to hear from kids of all ages.  I’ve promised not to reveal what special surprises you will receive this year (I love to surprise you!), but I can tell you that your holidays will be filled with happiness and joy.

Preparing for the holidays and my big trip occupies most of my time right now, so to answer everyone’s questions about life here at the North Pole I created my own Santa’s Frequently Asked Question page on my web site — please visit for answers to many of your questions!

Mrs. Claus and I just returned from one of our favorite activities — walking through the forest around our castle.  The moonlight sparkled on all the snow covered tree branches, and the stars shown brightly overhead.  The young deer and rabbits played happily in the snow, and the other animals were gathered  around the fire telling stories and making decorations for their  trees.  This is everyone’s favorite time of year!

Mrs. Claus, the elves, the reindeer, and I all hope that you will do your best at everything you do and will try to be extra kind to those less-fortunate than you.  Remember, the elves and I are watching and keeping track of naughty and nice!

Happy holidays to you!

Merry Christmas!


Santa, Mrs. Claus, the elves, and the reindeer

p.s.  I tend to let parents know who is on the good or bad list regularly, so you can always ask them!


  For more holiday fun, you can visit Santa’s home page at
        Don’t forget to keep checking back for Santa’s Web site picks!

So I can with great confidence say that SANTA is THE MAN! We publishing this on my blog to ensure that it never goes missing – keeping the magic alive 😉