Sadness in Solitude

There are moments where I feel sad and alone. It is fleeting and intense. It penetrates to my core and all I can do is embrace the intensity thereof in my solitude as I work my way through it.

The sadness that I feel in these moments are far bigger than me. It’s for the world and the many lives in it. It’s about the ripple effect.  The effect we talk about when someone does a good deed, so too is the ripple effect of ugliness in people, and the long lasting consequences of these actions on others.

It’s that enormous sense of loss and acknowledgement that we forget that our nastiness, our unkind actions and words, they too ripple – like a wave, through the many lives it impacts on. The impact of this is often devastating, causing unimaginable pain. It shatters some beyond repair and their only way to survive is by living in anger, causing more hurt and devastation.

The ugliness in the hearts of others leave scars and sometimes gaping wounds that are never given the care needed to heal. These infectious wounds oozes like a dark disease through humanity. Leaving lives tattered, as it comes apart at the seems that were once stitched and held with love, care and kindness. Knowing this, causes me great sadness in solitude as we are all connected through our actions towards others.

Remember, your behavior has a ripple effect on the lives that it touches. Good and bad.

My empathy and ability to feel goes far beyond the self. Learn more about this by listening to The Aspie Podcast, The Myth of No Feelings.

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