Mesmerising Tree Branches

I’ve been mesmerised by the these tree branches since I took this photo a few days ago.  It keeps brining me back to thoughts about our roots.  Our heritage and how we sometimes allow it to restrict us from branching out. An absolute travesty when looking at the many opportunities and experiences, that awaits.

We are afraid to fail, we fear loss and we hold on to that which we know, no matter how bad it may be.   We hold on to it because there is a certain comfort to be found in familiarity and predictability. In so doing we prevent ourselves from growing and becoming the people we are meant to be.   Individuals, sourcing strength from our roots, acknowledging our fears and accepting that loss is inevitable.

Be like this tree . . . own your roots, but don’t allow it to restrict your growh.  Source from it all that is needed to allow yourself to branch out and explore a life of possibilities.  There are many ways to achieve the same goal and many different paths that lead to the same destination.

Believe me, even the shittiest of roots have the potential to grow into a mesmerising gift for others to admire. Don’t sell yourself short, ever.

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