My Someone Special

Dear Kai,

I thought I’d write this letter to you on my blog, ‘cause well, this is how we roll!

I just came across this Coldplay and Big Sean song, Miracles – Someone Special, and oh my goodness gracious me! It is my new go to song  – I see you when I listen to this. I want you to know that you were someone special long before you were born.

Don’t let anyone ever discourage you from being who you are – and you know what, just show them the middle finger (in your mind) and do you! Don’t doubt your ability, you are capable beyond measure, you have talents that you are yet to explore. And if I ever come across as not believing in you then I want you to call me out on my BS – I trust that you can do this.

Oh, and then after you call me out on my BS for not coming across as believing in your potential and your ability then I want you to remind me of this letter and refer me to this video.

I love you. You are my happy place and you are my someone special – always will be.



Now go and be awesome!