His ability restricted
By my parenting
His needs not a disease
Confined by my limitations
His vibrant mind trying to realign
Yet all I see is a child tyrant
In the moment, defiant, aggressive, intolerant
Understanding his demanding
My lack of knowledge soon became astounding
His world elusive yet intrusive
I rack my mind to find a solution
Delirious I crave understanding
His world infused with mine
Unravelling our thoughts
Igniting the reality of his speciality
The beaming light soon shone through the mist in the night
A flicker of hope and delight
You are you and I am me
The answers I seek reflect in your DNA
Different, Neurodivergent and Awesome
I Found My Perfect Puzzle Piece

Reflections, a dedication to all parents who find themselves searching for answers, racking their minds not knowing what to do. Questioning their ability, wondering what they are doing wrong, or what they can do differently to make things better, more manageable. 

I’ve since realised that better comes with understanding and acceptance. Different not less.