I Feel Fabulous!

Today I went to Checkers to buy some wine, but I ended up staring at the clothing aisles, looking at the retro swimming costumes. The flattering one’s for curvy females like ME!

I found a fitting room, took four floral costumes – NOT size 10, and stared at myself in the mirror as I smiled at my cellulite and stretch marks, memories of a life well lived! I didn’t feel like fat, or dimply – I just felt flippen fabulous! For the first time in many years I was actually considering buying a swimming costume.

The little number – which by the way is not so little, makes me feel like a million dollars. It charmed me all the way to the check-out! I even held it up in front of me as I walked towards my mom and son, beaming from ear to ear. “Look what I’m buying!!”  I exclaimed as some strangers looked at me as if I’ve lost the plot.

When I slip this on I feel like a voluptuous and tanned Marilyn Monroe! Today, with the exception of the wetsuit I bought last year, was the first time that I spent so much money on a clothing item, R199!! I love that I had the courage to buy myself something without thinking about everyone else first.

So if you ever have the privilege of seeing me in this, on the beach,  know that you are sharing the ocean, sunny skies, laughter and shrieks of kids splashing in the ocean with me. A woman of worth, one who feels absolutely fabulous about life and all that it has to offer.

Wishing you an awesome season of sunshine and happiness!

ChevsLife:I Feel Fabulous 1

I feel happy, oh so happy, lala-lala-lalala-lalaaaaaa

ChevsLife: I Feel Fabulous 2

Tomorrow this back will be as tanned as my shoulders! We heading to the beach first thing!

ChevsLife: I Feel Fabulous 3

I can’t believe it! I bought a freaking swimming costume and I’m blogging about it! #AgingWithConfidence