Like Yesterday…

I remember it like yesterday…you sitting beside me, as I asked many questions. Like yesterday, when you stood next to me and squeezed my hand as the ENT stuck this dangerously long jobson horne probe in his ears to get all the wax out!

I remember it like yesterday, the countless meetings I had with you. Rambling on about the thoughts in my mind. My concerns, my fears, my frustration.

I remember it like yesterday, when you gave so much of your own time, visiting the ENT and the special needs centre for a second opinion. Driving us from the Deep South to the Northern Suburbs, a foreign place. You my guide, my saving grace…

Like yesterday, you embraced my parenting challenges. You held my hand and continued to whisper words of encouragement with a kind smile in your eyes.

Like yesterday I feel your empathy, your support. In those early years, you were much like the “other” parent, my sounding board, my partner.

Today, you continue to support and encourage. Your silent words, engraved in our hearts.

You, Paula Wickham, the embodiment of what teaching is, what teaching should be…beyond the four walls of the classroom and into the hearts of families.

Thank you for being you!