Shake Your Sugar | Hearing Loss


South African Association of Audiologists

Yes, the next time go to a coffee shop or restaurant, “SHAKE YOUR SUGAR”! Why? Because this is one of the most innovative ways to monitor your hearing across your lifespan.

Today, at the AHLAD Brunch, Audiologist Mariaana Botha, shared the South African Association for Audiologists’, inventive awareness campaign, “Shake your Sugar”. This concept is a creative way of approaching awareness of sound and refers to listening to a sugar sachet while SHAKING it to see if you can hear it with both ears. This awareness of your ability to listen to sound, will aid you in monitoring your hearing as it may change as the years go by.

Note that should you “Shake your Sugar” over a period of time and notice any changes in your hearing or can’t hear the sugar (yes it makes a “sh” sound), then you need to schedule an appointment with an Audiologist to test your hearing. I could hear someone shake their sugar across the table from me, can you?

You are responsible for your ear care, not just today, but every day!

*”Shake your Sugar” is an awareness campaign and not a substitute for a comprehensive hearing test.