This is the Life!

Waking up on a Saturday morning, with clear skies peeking through the window; a perfect day for an early morning beach walk!

Just after 6am and I’m going to IMG-20150124-00554have to acquire a tide book! I got down to the beach, with the high tide pushing, crashing against the walkway walls! Very little beach to walk on today!

Along with a hand full of dog walkers I navigated my way through the soft sand next to the dunes. Quite a work out for the legs!

Some interesting sights on the beach before 7am:

A couple with 8 dogs!
A handsome chap, running topless, his muscles flexing with every move he makes!
Two young ladies discussing some personal problems while sitting on the dunes.
A bulky guy listening to his iPod, almost got knocked over by a wave, soaked to the bone from his waist down!

I didn’t have much beach to walk on this morning, but I enjoyed the solitude the landscape had to offer. I found serenity in the sound of the waves and a place of belonging as strangers greeted me with a morning smile.

Unfortunately the restaurant was still closed, so I couldn’t get my hot chocolate. Instead I sat and watched the early morning swimmers ride their boogie boards while others frolicked further out!

A beautiful way to start the weekend, and pleasantly surprised that I am making the time to see my new year’s resolution through!