Year End Madness!

A few months ago when I had all these great plans for the year end. Take leave, book a short holiday for my son and I, buy a bicycle for myself so that I can keep up with my superfast cyclist, pop in to the factory shop to fit and buy a wetsuit, order new spectacles, etc.

Fast forward to the now and all these great plans have been erased, or should I say “recycled”!

Reality check! It is year-freaking-end and I need to prepare for #mainstream2015…

  • Book an end of year assessments for my son (uhm trying to find a suitable educational psychologist who is available at such short notice is a blog post on its own!)
  • Schedule meetings with teacher, OT, speech and psychologist
  • Arrange with team Kai for recent reports and assessments
  • Make sure that I do all this before the end of the school term, with two weeks to go!
  • Then reschedule ENT appointment for 2nd week of the new school term
  • Schedule audiology appointment before ENT appointment (holding thumbs that our audiologist is back from leave before our ENT appointment – thankfully she is!)
  • Schedule assessment feedback consultation with psychologist
  • Once all assessment results are received, update Kai’s special needs guide for mainstream 2015
  • Discuss information with new teacher and prepare updated information to send out to team Kai

[In between all this madness, update all friends that my birthday party venue closed down; YES it CLOSED DOWN and confirm the new venue AND make sure that everyone knows loadshedding (no electricity) will take place on the night from 20:00 to 22:30!!]

Now coordinate attendance of the school concerts. Chat to my mom about attending the Friday morning concert. Make a point of letting people know that I am not available between 17:30 and 20:00 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday – HAVE to attend all school concerts that my son participates in.

Calling numerous bicycle retailers to find “the right bike” – the one thing that I’m not compromising on. This piece of sporting equipment will keep me sane for another 3 years until it is time to upgrade.

Parenthood! I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I will NOT be getting a bike or a wetsuit for myself nor will we be going on a short holiday this festive season. Instead I’m processing extra EFT’s for assessments, reports, medical bills and stationary while counting each penny to my next payday!

This Festive Season I will be working (many of these days will be bring a child to work day), plan for Decibels of Love 2015 and schedule more appointments!

My mini-freak-out list! But thankfully, we have the most AWESOME support team in the whole universe – Team Kai absolutely rock our socks off!