Relationships are founded in authenticity and integrity.

I will only consider publishing sponsored content or advertising space on ChevsLife that resonates with my personal experience and can add value to my readers. Alternatively you may consider partnering with me on freelance writing projects, remote social media and administration management and/or guest speaker on topics such as:

  • “My Journey from Ignorance to Empowerment” 
  • “The Role of Special Needs Adults” 
  • “Special Needs in the Classroom – A Parent’s Perspective”  
  • “Disability and the impact on family dynamics”
  • “Responsible Outreach – Give a Hand-up, not a Hand-out”
  • “Public Safety and Placemaking”


I am keen to explore topic suggestions for presentations. I also encourage you to send me a #TitleChallenge – where you present me with a title and I’m challenged to craft a blog post for the title – with this, anything is possible. 

You are welcome to view my media kit and rates card here and please email me at

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