Your Garden of Life

Your life is a garden in which you are the horticulturist. It requires great care and mindfulness of the elements that it may be exposed to. Do not be fooled, even weeds can make your garden look beautiful, but be aware – they stifle growth.

Killing potential before it can be recognised or slowly devouring what once blossomed beautifully, leaving behind the sweet smell of what was. You.

Know that in this garden called your life, the weeds are often those closest to you. On the surface they may appear impressionable, whilst down below they cut you off from food supply – kindness, love and care.  They take up your space yet hold no space for you.

Weeds are harsh. They are invasive and competitive in nature and have no regard for the lives they live off and ultimately destroy. Left unchecked, they create disease in those they affect – depression, self-doubt, loss of confidence, loss of interest and passions that once fuelled them.

How do you identify the weeds in your life?

They are the ones who use guilt as a tool to manipulate. They fail to recognise and celebrate your successes and are insincere, or rather snarky, when complementing. Quick to point out failures and mistakes as opposed to acknowledging hard work, progress, and care. Their words break you down and they resent when others see acknowledge your beauty, progress, resilience and success. They rarely extend a helping hand, and when they do, it is often with the expectation of something in return. You are never enough.

And yes, you may have been planted in a garden where very little nurturing took place, your birth – your childhood experience. But as you grow into adulthood YOU become the horticulturist of YOUR garden, your life. You no longer have to succumb to the tragedies of your past.

You become the master of your destiny and it all starts with acknowledging that YOU, and only YOU, can rid your garden, your life, of the weeds that stunts your growth. Do not allow your past circumstances, or even current circumstances to prevent you from growing a garden in which many others can flourish!

It is time that you become part of the revolution and transform your life into one that will help shape generations to come.

Your life is your garden. It is hard work, but oh so beautiful when nurtured and cared for – blossoming all year through. Start weeding!

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