Conversations with my Soul

“Have I been ruined?” I silently asked myself as I stared into the night.

My soul replied.  “No; you’ve added more colour to the spark within your soul. It now sparkles even brighter as the light shines through the cracks of your brokenness. Adding a majestic dimension to your soulful being.”

“Am I the one that others’ warn their sons and daughters of? What have become of me, have I ruined another?” Continued my thoughts.

“No!”  Replied my soul.

“If anything, you’ve embraced yourself and removed the iron that strengthened the walls that you built around you. Embracing the depths of your love and the weakness that comes with letting go of the barriers once cast around your heart. You lowered your wall. 

The experience of you can never ruin, because your love teaches that there is strength to be found in our vulnerability. A courage to try again, and to give with all that you are, even if it means failure. You, my dear, are brave.”

My soul continued to embrace me with grace; and smiled. “It was a collision of souls that lit a fire that sparked a kaleidoscope of colours; calming the storms within.”