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Reading opens us up to worlds that we are yet to explore. It has the power to ignite creativity, develop a thirst for knowledge and develop a wisdom and understanding beyond our years.

Reading, my first love as a very young child. I devoured all the books that I was allowed to read while sitting in the library for hours after school while waiting for my dad to finish work. Then, when I got home, I’d read some more!

“Reading is the gateway skill that make all other learning possible.” – Barack Obama. This, is true, and understanding or comprehending what we read is what further amplifies this skill as we grow from child, to teenager, to adult.

You would think that with reading being such an important skill that books would be easily accessible to children. Well, whilst we may have community libraries, not all communities are safe enough for people, especially young children, to access this free resource.

One such community is Ocean View, where community based organisation Groundbreakers, recently completed a fundraising drive to build their own small mobile library. Enabling access to books to read, and the treasures that can be found within the covers thereof, for pre-school and primary school children.

Groundbreakers, pioneering new things, focussing on the holistic development of the child beneficiaries of their weekday feeding scheme. Soon the children will have easy access to books to read.

This, on the pavement and streets of Stonehaven, Ocean View, where there is an abundance of care and love to nurture young minds while keeping hunger at bay and reading a book a day.

You too can be part of positive upliftment in the community of Ocean View by donating books, school stationery and toys to this initiative.

Connect with Nadia from Groundbreakers here.

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