Some Call Me Fat

In primary school I was called fat. In high school I was called fat. After my pregancy I was called fat.

Throughout my life at some point someone called me fat. The strangest of it all is that when I looked back, I was even fat shamed when I was at my thinnest – a size 8, 10, 12!

So, perhaps, no matter my body size, some will always refer to me as fat. Over the years I’ve grown a strong dislike for the word fat when describing a person’s body, because it’s always been used in such a negative way. Comparing my body to others and labelling it fat.

Body shaming is never okay. It’s taken me years to feel comfortable in my own skin. As a woman, being fat shamed from childhood right into my adulthood has meant that I’ve had to do a lot of work on self-acceptance and self -love when looking in the mirror. It’s hard work.

I may not like the cellulite and stretchmarks, or the fact that my breast only look amazing in the right bra. But, this doesn’t take away from me LOVING my body and celebrating the fact that it grew and gave life to a beautiful child.

My body is my business. Whether you like it or not, I love it!

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