The First Morning of 2021

Our NewYear’s morning tradition, since 2018, is an early morning drive M3, around the Atlantic Seaboard, over Chapman’s Peak and then through Ocean View, our last stop. The place that will forever hold my heart. My roots are firmly planted in this community, the place I call home.

Today however, the first morning of 2021, our fuel situation meant that we did a shorter drive. Cape Point through Ocean View and then we picked my mom up for breakfast at 7:30am. Usually we leave at 5/5:30, but lockdown restrictions meant a much later start to our day.

Of course the morning did not fail to deliver.

Kai was excited when we left, got annoyed because I kept asking him to take photos. He even refused to take some pics of the baboon troop as we neared the Cape Point gates. It was not free of my colorful fuck-bombs as I looked at him and we smiled, realising that this happens each New Year’s Day drive.

We stopped off at Soetwater and then off to Ocean View for some nostalgia as I soaked up the early morning quiet, and peace that’s been lost along the way as social ill gained a stronger hold over the last decade.

Ocean View, thinking of the lives lost, the derelict buildings . . . Yet it never fails to fill me with the joyful presence of a wonderful childhood, my childhood and memories of my father.

The scenery may change, but the memories remain the same. What a wonderful start to the New Year. Thank you Kai.

Smitswinkel Bay – I think.

10 Beatrice Place, die blokke where I lived until the age of 11.

The derelict remains of the soupermaket and bioscope in Ocea View.

Khaos, Kai’s favourite spin car.


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