Facebook Memories, 7 Years Later!

Gosh! Facebook memories have me staring in the rear view mirror of our lives. Parenting. Remembering the many late nights, or make that early morning hours, online. Researching, seeking out guidance and learning.

Days and nights filled with fear, anxiety, loss, hopelessness and anger at a system that wasn’t quite there for us in the way that I needed it to be. A single parent, raised by a deaf father, coming to terms with her own ignorance and the reality of the challenges faced by mother and child when you add a fluctuating hearing loss to the equation.

Then an online friend tags me in the memory that brought me to you today. Sharing an experience that changed the trajectory of my parenting in the best possible way. Becoming an advocate for my child.

“No intervention, no referral and a complete lack of support/guidance drove me to the online sphere where I came across the Reverse Slope Hearing Loss Group and you, Dan Schwartz . . .

I’ve received more information and feedback from you in my initial upload of my son’s audiogram than any other source AND you live on another continent!!

You’ve empowered me to push-back to ask the right questions and be an advocate for my son; I know how to read audiograms, understand the terminology and possible implications of the results contained therein . . .

Dan, your knowledge empowers others . . . Kai has since had grommets put in, received an FM System and has joined a special school for deaf and hoh children. He is now in a class of 8 (as oppose to the 28 at his previous school), he gets OT, Speech and regular hearing evaluations. I’m amazed at the improvements and amount of learning and input that Kai and I both receive at his school.

Dan; what truly inspires me is how you remembered Kai when Samatha Hill wanted to donate her daughter’s HA’s. The HA has since arrived in Cape Town and Kai was absolutely thrilled when we picked it up at the post office a week ago.

You’ve taken your profession to the next level and I believe that our world needs more people like you; especially a country like South Africa (you know the challenges that we are faced with, even more so if you are not on medical aid in a country with limited resources and support structures for parents like myself).

Thank you rocking Dan, I trust that you will continue to be a “lifeline” to many others who may seek out your guidance and opinion.”

Facebook Memory 18 May 2013

Dan is a hearing aid acoustician based in the States. He has a wealth of knowledge that he willingly shares with thousands, and he held my online hand during a time where I felt the universe closing in on my resilience. He also connected me to our audiologist, NB Hearing!

Since meeting Dan online, in December 2012, I’ve since met many other phenomenal professionals, all of whom have played a pivotal role in my parenting journey. No amount of gratitude will ever do justice to the difference that they’ve made in our lives.

I look back at this message I shared on Dan’s timeline, exactly 7 years ago, and I am reminded to never discredit the infinite value of the people who help build and guide us.

Always let gratitude lead the way, and fear? Let it fuel the fire of your resilience!

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