Son, I See You Grow Under COVID19 Lockdown

Son, I am so proud of you! Whilst social distancing is a relative norm in our every day lives, COVID19 lockdown sure as hell flipped the script on everything. But, here we are, week 5 lockdown and you’re acing it like a champ.
Yes, you’ve had days where you’ve been beyond frustrated with not having an outlet when you’ve become overwhelmed with it all. The limitations. The constant surround of sameness – a sameness that bogs you down. The kind of sameness that makes you feel as if your space is closing in on you and there is no escape! Weeks of no Khaos drive-by’s and no opportunity to experience that relief of adrenaline as you watch cars spin while the asphalt dust cling to our skin! In all of this, there is that soothing relief, that silver lining. The grounding in routine and friendship that your wonderful homeschool group and teacher has added to the mix. Your Monday to Friday sense of regulation, camaraderie and connection throughout the day, online. Always companionship, a friend to laugh with and vent to. Friendship, your source of calm, amidst all the uncertainty.
You’ve made me proud. Your friends have made me proud.
Our challenges have been huge on the home front with days of no flattening of the emotional curve. That 0 – 10 effect. The intolerance that even had me seeking refuge in the cupboard when our tiny space at home became too big for my senses. Our confinement during this time has matured you in your humanity, that sense of understanding and care. I watch you blossom as a friend as you slowly grow into a young man with a sense of reasoning beyond your years. Thank you for understanding, and accepting, that COVID19 requires adaptability and tolerance of the many things that we are usually quite intolerant of (on most days). You’ve been graceful in your irritability and generous in acceptance. The daily bike-rides have at times annoyed me, but it’s keeping me fit (I think) and it’s created some space for you and me to bond in our usual way, albeit within the confines of the yard. Who knows what the future holds when considering the various lockdown levels. One thing I do know with certainty though is that we will find a way to make it work for us. With love, kindness and care. Jou Mama!
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