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Eleven Atypical Days, an e-book journal that takes you through my thoughts, an Autistic/Aspie female, as I go about my day. The preparation and challenges that comes with accommodating a neurotypical world.  Laced with creative thought, wickedly humorous and painful in its bluntness while informing and exploring every day life in the various aspects of adulting and parenting.
Topics touched on include the experience of death, addiction and relationship dynamics where conformity to social norms are expected, or desired. “Do you ever find yourself creating a rhythm as you chew on your food? I do, especially when it is quiet, and I can hear myself chewing. I change the sound into a rhythmic beat, it helps me cope with the sound of my chewing, whereas the sound of anyone else’s chewing drives me bat shit crazy! My poor child. I’ve gone off at him a few times while sitting next to me, watching a movie – crunching down chips, in my left ear! He knows my sensitivities though, and he is mindful. The best way to combat this is for both of us to chew on eats at the same time otherwise I just can’t deal. Next time you chew your food, try adding a beat to it – it can be great fun! The worst for me is when I’m sitting in the train and from the corner of my eye, I can spot someone’s jaw moving. Up-down, up-down. Sometimes their lips smack open and close as they chew on their chappies chewing gum. Up-down, up-down. I can literally visualise their teeth marks on their gum as they bite down into it. I can see the colour drain from the gum with each movement. Their swallowing of the saliva forming in their mouth from all the chewing. That gum-smacking-wet-gushing sound of the gum chewers on the train. All I need is the visual movement of that jaw to experience the sound as it tears into my ears and scratches at my neurons. It is painful – imagine being a hair on your leg and having that shaving blade come for you! This is what it feels like. How do I cope?” This, an excerpt of Eleven Atypical Days! A R100 gets you the e-book, and helps me provide for my family during this very uncertain and troublesome time.
COVID-19 and lockdown has meant complete financial insecurity for me. Your purchase will help secure a roof over our heads and food on our table, while also learning about a different way of being.
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