The People in Our Lives

In the early morning hours I often find myself reflecting upon everything! Like, some people come into our lives and cause destruction and chaos. Others come into our lives, and use us as a pit-stop on their journey. Leaving you feeling used and unappreciated. Then there are the gems, the treasures, who come into our lives and make it sparkle.

They are the people who help clean up the mess left by destruction and chaos. The ones who help us realise that being a pit-stop is part of the journey at times.

However, most important, is the acceptance and appreciation that some people come into our lives as a pit-stop that creates destruction and chaos, and in us they may find that treasure that helps them to find themselves and self-actualise their own gems within, and together you sparkle in the light of friendship and love.

See, we sometimes forget that life only becomes a journey when we start to question it within the context of our own values, our worth, our dreams and experiences. Creating detours and bends that lead us to destinations of self-reflection and self-actualisation as interdependent human beings.

*Our choices are guided by our experiences and observations of others, hence the interdependence.

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