My Privilege

Out of destruction comes my privilege. This, the thought that struck me while walking on the beach one cold morning.

Thinking, “where is the transformation?”. I’m far too often the only person of colour on the beach, enjoying the tranquility that my surrounding environment affords me. In this I realize that to some I am the privileged one.

However, my privilege comes from the ability to recognise that destruction can lead to an enriched life, even in poverty. Success is not measured in wealth, but in my ability to continuously strive to overcome the challenges that I create within myself.

A mindset shift to living with intent, and to not allow a difficult life to restrict me and cast me in a role that fits the perception that others may have of me.

As a coloured, my privilege is the ability to survive without!

My privilege. A resilience within, birthed from circumstances forced upon me and my family by the historic dispensation of our country. It is this experience, the lived experience that comes with it, and the resilience that allows the oppressed to thrive in a world where others may only expect failure. In a society where I’ve experienced being treated as less than . . . 


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