Thank You Son

There you are, in my troubled moments. “Hug?” How blessed am I to have you, a son filled with such empathy and kindness.  Always reaching out when I’m going through a tough time.

Son, I marvel at your maturity in thought. Your ability to sense my need for care and solitude; the connection of you and me. Mother and child.

Yet, you have these intense moments of four seasons in a day, leaving me perplexed. Reminding me that with all your maturity and depth of emotion, you are still a child in need of my care, guidance, love and affection.

You’ve been at the heart of me pushing through a very difficult year, and you continue to be, as we now face an even greater challenge with me being unemployed. Consulting with you about the impact this has on our life as we know it and preparing you for certain realities which hopefully may never have to come to fruition. Your understanding keeps me motivated and grounded.

Thank you son, I appreciate your courage and the grace with which you embrace life’s challenges.



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