I’ve been questioning my decisions, and ability so much lately that I find myself doubting who I am.  I have however come to realise that this self-doubt may very well be what I need to reflect upon my life right now.  In this very moment.

There’s been so many drastic changes in my life these last two years, that doubt is sure to show its face since my frame of reference has changed significantly.  This, the trajectory of the life I live.  The conundrum of the many elements that add to the self-doubt that ultimately leads to personal growth and acceptance of a new reality.

I’ve been faced with so much bullshit and surrounded by so many issues of which the intensity would scare the living daylights out of just about anyone who walks this earth. The fact that I still wake up every fucking morning and follow my “get into the zone” routine, and still standing tall, is an absolute feat!

Self-doubt can be crippling, but when viewed in a way that allows for personal development and growth, then it becomes an unbreakable yarn, threading the seams of this atypical tapestry of an enriched life.


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