It Started in 1975

Thinking back, unable to reconcile the present with his past. Born into a maze of uncertainty and inadequacy from a womb of inexperienced parenthood . . .

A skyline of unplanned realities and shaded dreams, drifting through tomorrow – too caught up in his sorrow. The present forgotten, stuck in yesterday and fearing the many days thereafter.

Smiling upon a child, she thought unplanned as she shed the load for another to carry. Back in ‘75, seeded in this being, inconsiderable doubt of worth, value and love. Perhaps rejecting the acceptance of choices made, and the fear of stepping outside of the familiarity of what is.

Unable to consider the possibility of anything different being better.

Caught in an after thought, the beginning should be the end, and the now will be the future and the future the present in 2025. How to get there is the conundrum of doubtful thoughts caught up in winds of fear – a skyline awaiting unpredictable change. 

“It Started in 1975”, a title challenge by an Anonymous.

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