Dear Future Husband

There was a time when I saw you as this knight in shining armour, my prince charming. A time before I lived and experienced the real world, and the people therein.

Now, I see you as an ordinary person with an extraordinary character. A man with faults, weaknesses and possible baggage – because well, by now you too would have lived and experienced the real world.

I see you as someone who can live without me but chooses to live with me. I see you as the kind of person who accepts that there will be days where I just won’t give a flying fuck and propose some insane adventure.  You’ll be floored, but eager! A man who find intrigue in a woman who prefers to live in the shadows of her mind.  Always observing from the outside, no need for social engagements.

I see you as my friend, my partner, my most intimate lover – someone who can find enjoyment in solitude and silence. An individual who can complement my emotional intensity and not feel rejected when I need space from energies that may be in conflict with mine.

You will find joy in my weirdness, interest in my thoughts and be oblivious to my non-domesticated nature.

You, future husband, we may meet, and I won’t even know, because my dear future husband that’s how I roll. I fail to read the signs and asking you if you like me and want to kiss me may be too odd and put you off.

So, dear future husband, don’t use riddles, don’t use signs – just be upfront and say “Hey, I like you . . .” But don’t leave it there because I’ll think that you like me the way you like your colleague, your friend or your brother. So rather be explicit and add. “. . . in a way that makes me want to spend more time with you, hold your hand and kiss you.”

Dear future husband, also know that I may just look at you and say No! But don’t leave it there, give me a few days or weeks to perseverate on it all and then approach me again and I may just have a long list of questions and then we take it from there?

Know that while I am open to the possibility, it is also okay if we don’t meet, because I am single, confident and stoked.


Dear Future Husband, a title challenge from my JoziDiva, no fiction – upfront and honest.

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