How’s Homeschooling Going?

This, the question I get asked far too often these days. Honestly, whenever someone asks me this I go blank.  I feel as if there is this expectation to respond in a way that makes me come across as if I know what I’m doing (an internalised expectation). How is homeschooling going?

Let me keep it real. I know jack shit!

Yet, we chose to transfer out of the system during a time where many parents find themselves at war.  Fighting to retain the freedom to educate their children in a way that is best suited to their kids – homeschooling, independently.

We are now in our third month of self-care.  Cleansing ourselves from the significant stressors that came with years of self-inflicted pressure to conform and perform. Boxing ourselves into a space that worked long enough to help us build a solid foundation on which my son can now learn to thrive.

There is no rush. Really, my son has a lifetime of learning ahead of him, at his own pace.

I did however have a bit of a wobbly moment earlier in the week when he told me, after a play date with a friend, that he wanted to go to a mainstream high school. But he woke up the next day and wondered what the heck he was thinking! Going back to a class of 30 – 35 children, back-to-back classes, exams, tests, noise, crowded spaces and very little space for free thought and expression.  No way, unless it’s a smaller school where he can ride his bike at any time.  Uhm, let me know when you come across a school like this? An affordable one please.

What’s changed since homeschooling?

My son is happier, less anxious and he’s growing in confidence and self-expression.  Adopting Vincent, his kitten, has also improved his tolerance levels significantly and is helping him with expressing care and self-regulating emotions. 

He’s signed up for the YouTube Creators Academy, and he’s been spending most of his time learning from other YouTubers, creating videos and editing.  We also recently signed up with Khan Academy and he’s confirmed that he would like to go full-steam with a learning structure and routine as of August. In preparation for this we’ve downloaded the Screen Time app to assist with slowly phasing in reward time and limitations as part of the daily structure.

Most importantly, he is taking the lead in ensuring that his special interest, cars, is not left behind and that if forms part of our everyday. So much so that he initiated his own long-term car restoration project that directly links with the social media side of his learning.  You can learn more about this project here.

Homeschooling . . .  I know jack shit. I’m winging it all the way and my son is loving it!


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