An Apology on your Birthday

I’ve not been as present as I should be, especially today, on your birthday. Recent changes at work had meant that I’ve been putting in more and more hours.  And while you’ve been with me every step of the way – it’s also meant less time spent with you. 

Son, I want you to know that being your mom is the BEST part of adulting.  True story!

Sometimes it feels like I’m living a dream – our chats, like earlier this evening when I was going into gibberish talk mode from exhaustion, and you reminded me that the car battery was still on charge. Then, we contemplated leaving it to charge overnight.

Uncertain of the possible risk, we Googled – “Can you charge your car battery in your car overnight” and all we had to read was . . . “NO.  You risk possible explosion!”

Oh my vrek – we looked at each other, and that was it. We rushed out into the freezing cold night, no shoes and PJs as if the world was coming to an immediate end.  Then we opened the garage and we heard that funny sound.

Pause. Stare. Pause. Look Around. Stare.

Both of us too freaked out to say what we were thinking. Explosion imminent!

Of-course that sound was coming from the garage door because we didn’t open it all the way – and watching relief wash over your face as I reassured you that it WAS the garage door and not the car. Classic!

Our imagination will always be in top form, no matter what – but we didn’t run away while we stood at the garage door waiting for an explosion. No, like characters in a movie, standing still or sneaking quietly towards the sound of doom. That was us last night. Absolutely hilarious!

Know that I love you, know that even when I am swamped and you blur into the background, that you are always first and foremost in my heart. Happy 11th birthday – love you to the moon and all around the stars to infinity and beyond to the depths of the deepest ocean and the heights of the tallest mountain . . .

You are the perfect child for me – the chaos to my calm and the calm to my chaos.




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