Blog Validation from My 10 Year Old

He sat scrolling through ALL my blog pages, and read each blog post that I wrote about him. “Mom, I love that you write about me, don’t ever stop blogging”. Hearing this from my 10-year-old, the greatest compliment that I can ever receive as a blogger.

One of the reasons I started blogging was to vividly capture the experiences of our lives together as mother and child. Not only was it a platform for me to express myself, but also a space where I could one day allow my son to view his life through my eyes. Experiences of immense joy, love, sadness, anger, growth and learning.

Sitting at the dinner table, me working while he sat reading and commenting on the stories shared on my blog. “Mom, I’m only reading the blogs that’s about me.”  There were some silent moments as he read some deep posts about parenting.  Some thrilling moments of demonstrations as he read posts about cycling and play-dates.  And some very enlightening moments as he explained some things to me.

All of this started with him reading a blog post about my parents, “Mom, Dad – My Freedom Heroes”. Taking him back into my childhood. This was by far the most rewarding moment for me as a blogger. Having my son sit for 3 hours, glued to a screen, reading my blog!

“Mom, why don’t you write as much about me now?” Came the question as he started scrolling through the most recent pages.

I explained to him that I can write lots about him, but the writing will be different because he is older.  And because I write from a very personalised perspective, I need to be even more cognisant about what I share as he grows.  He understood this, but still encouraged me to share some more.

“Mom, I want you to write about me and our family so that I know I can always come back to your blog when I need to”



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