Best Writer 2017 – ChevsLife | SA Mommy Blogger Awards

Last week Friday was an unusual day for me. It was an inspirational kind of busy as I spent my morning at a youth skills development graduation rehearsal. Thereafter I networked with some colleagues. Later in the afternoon I rushed back home to check-in with my son at his friend’s birthday party – he only rocked up at home before 9pm, tweenager!

While fighting the procrastination of completing my intercultural communications assignment I checked my Twitter and was reminded of the SA Mommy Blog Awards being announced at 19:30. Thinking nothing of it, I put my phone to the side and procrastinated some more.

A few minutes later my phone started buzzing like a mosquito on steroids!

The next thing I had 98 Twitter notifications, like what the heck. Who gets 98 Twitter notifications?

I didn’t quite know how to handle the constant tweeting – and decided to mute my phone and slowly make my way through the notifications. Replying to comments and congratulating the other amazing bloggers.

Writing this I am still a bit uncertain as to what this all means. I joined the Facebook group, I added my details to the list and then I entered.  I didn’t even know if my entry went through. Damn, I can’t even recall which posts I submitted for my entry nor can I remember the other two categories for which I think I may have entered! The reality of my life . . . So, you can imagine how overwhelming it was for me to receive this award in recognition of my writing. A humbling and encouraging experience.

Those of you who regularly read my blog, you will know that I absolutely LOVE to write – it is who I am.  It is how I process, communicate and express my thoughts and calm my mind. It is like the very blood that flows through my veins and keeps me alive.

There are so many phenomenal bloggers.  Heck, there is a blog for just about everything and anything. Individuals who write with authenticity from the heart, often sharing raw emotion, sharing experiences that others can relate to and learn from. Today’s post is dedicated to all the Parent Bloggers who work exceptionally hard at developing and maintaining their blogs, spending hours creating content, sourcing images and working out the nightmare that is SEO whilst still raising their children.

Congratulations to the other 16 award recipients, I look forward to reading your award winning posts!

  1. Best Foodie – Mama Chef Jozi
  2. Best Travel – 3 Kids, 2 Dogs, and 1 Old House
  3. Best Writer – ChevsLife
  4. Best Tear-Jerker – Disney Mom Blog
  5. Best Wisdom Giver – Baby Guide For The Modern Mother
  6. Best Socia Media – Choose A Row
  7. Best Rising Star – My Daily Cake
  8. Best Inspiration – A Million Beautiful Pieces
  9. Best Comedian – Tonic and Tiaras
  10. Best Parenting – Modern Zulu Mom
  11. Best New Voice – Mommy Explores
  12. Best Photography – Rose and Thorns
  13. Best Business – Generally Social
  14. Best Beauty – For The Beauty Of It
  15. Best Craft – In These Stilleto’s
  16. Best Education – Heart Mama Blog
  17. Best Blog 2017 – Caffeine & Fairydust


Thank you Jacqui Bester, One Messy Mama, founder and organiser of the #SAMommyBloggerAwards and much gratitude to the judges – Brent Lindeque, Pabi Moloi, Bailey Schneider and Lorraine Kearny. I am humbled that you’ve all read my submissions and found it worthy of this award. Thank you!

To the sponsors, Baby Eat’s, Backsberg Wines, Blue Media Edit, Hamley’s SA, Make-up by Ryno Mulder, Melissa Glam Bam, Muppie Lounge, Norman Goodfellows, SFP and Yolande Bayards for believing in the value of Mommy Bloggers by coming on board as sponsors.

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