Crash Boom-Boom | Mom Son Poem Collab

I started writing this poem while sitting in the dark listening to some Ray Charles at the end of a movie.  In two minds on whether or not to finish it. Next thing my son scoots in beside me and starts reading it. “Nice mom, I like, I like” – and well, like they say, the rest is history as we continued to write it together. One of those rare parenting moments, the kind that you hold on to and never let go!

The depths of my perception
Like red hot coal
Scorching through my skin
Layer after layer


Thoughts filled with relevance
Verlore staan sy tussen die kore
Vergaan in die middelbaan
A hijacked mind kan jy verstaan

A popped vein
Blood spilled on the middle lane
A road tarred by the brain’s remains
Langs die kus gaan hy rus


Read my hands and let me speak
A silent voice this is my choice
In the dark of the night
I search for the light

The glitch
A system switch
The breeze filtering through the trees
Immunity from this impunity

The car, the motorcycle
Head to head
Boom crash
It’s over in a flash!

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