Detachment from society
A mastery of an elusive constitution
As my mind seeks restitution

Not a fear for the weak
Entrenched in my veins
Remain the pain while I abstain


The ultimate redemption
While I choke on deception
As my despair culls my erection

Angelic she stares
While hell lights up and stokes desire
A needle, a line; I say fuck it, STOP the whine


Let’s redefine
A caged freedom of sacrifice
A hate of my deceitful fate
A love of acceptance in my daily reflections

I am Sobriety
A daily choice
As I silence the voice

For Bloggsy Malone (Dave Luis) – I wrote this on the morning of 16 April 2017 to celebrate your anniversary, but with it being one of my early morning hours of wakefulness activities, I completely forgot that I wrote it! So, here you go – I found it in my phone notes yesterday πŸ™‚

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