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I was recently approached by SkillUp Tutors to collaborate with them on sponsored content.  Creating awareness of their user-friendly online services. A platform that enables parents to search, and connect, with the right tutor for their child’s specific learning needs.

Being a parent of a child with learner support needs, I found myself searching for a suitable tutor for my son after he graduated speech and language therapy last year. Safety, personality fit, competence, consistency and ability to work from our home were some of the key requirements that had to be met.

Believe me when I say that finding a suitable tutor is an absolute daunting task. Like looking for a needle in a haystack!

After various posts on social media groups, searching for a tutor, I finally decided to ask the school for a student-teacher referral. At first glance it seemed straight forward, but I soon realised that the end of the school term was the worst time to start looking for a tutor! Me, in ‘let’s prep for the new school year mode’ while everyone else was going into ‘holiday mode’.

I remember thinking to myself.  “Surely there must be an easier way to facilitate the recruitment of a trustworthy individual to help tutor my son?”  Well, since then I’ve come to realise that the reality of parenting is often a case of “who you know”.  Especially when additional support needs must be met. It soon comes down to being referred to someone who knows someone who knows someone!

The SkillUp Tutors service would have been a welcoming experience for me in 2016!

A parent-friendly platform. One that recognises the importance of safety when offering services to minors. Each tutor listed on the website, offering services to students under the age of 18, is screened against the National Register for Sexual Offenders or need to provide the company with a Criminal Clearance Certificate.

The online platform allows you to search for suitable tutors in your area, and the subjects listed are quite diverse, including French, Spanish, Marketing and Engineering Drawing. Search results can be filtered according to the tutors’ availability, logistics, lesson location and pricing, and results includes a recent profile image of tutors.

SkillUp Tutors also takes away the administrative nightmare of parents having to manage invoicing and payments. A key requirement for parents like myself who require invoices and statements for SARS-ITRDD claims – proof of expenses with regard to disability – that much needed tax break come filing season!

Now, the service is not only focussed on parents (or students), but also at tutors. Enabling highly skilled tutors a safe platform to avail their services to a broader community, and giving their clients (parents and students) the peace of mind that they’ve adhered to the various safety checks and met with the high quality criteria  required for each subject listed on their profiles. In addition, the SkillUp Tutoring account management and administrative support, enables tutors to efficiently manage their own tutoring business!

SkillUp Tutors, facilitates reliable student support.

Parents, if your child needs additional support then look no further, find your perfect tutor here and familiarise yourself with the safety policy for peace of mind.

Tutors, sign-up as a tutor on SkillUP Tutoring and provide parents like me and opportunity to find you with ease, knowing that you’ve already been vetted – crossing all our t’s and dotting all our i’s.

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